About Susan Kille

I am a writer and editor who has worked for more than 30 years for The New York Times Co. in print, online and mobile news.

I have two smart, beautiful daughters and a handsome, supportive husband.  My friends are loyal and trend toward strong women who know how to laugh.

As the photo suggests, I live in Brooklyn but not on the bridge.

2 Responses to About Susan Kille

  1. Kim says:

    The woman can write. And watch. And listen. As well as laugh, cry and generally be a fabulous person. Great blog, Susan!

  2. Nice story on long-form journalism not being dead. Just wish there were still as many places and resources for it as there used to be.

    Miss you not being at The Times anymore; I don’t know who to call when I have questions.

    I’m on Linkedin right now; send me your website address.

    Tommy Stevenson

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